What the future holds

Wow are things slower than slow around here!

People who know me in the net might have noticed my prolongated absence these last few weeks (or have they been months?)

Lots of stuff happening in real life slowing this end of my activity spectrum. A large chunk of it is my mom’s cancer diagnostic and the preparation for the treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) that are to start in a few short weeks.

While my DnD playing has just about stopped (my regular group has been tougher to gather), my love of board games has been rekindled.

I have also had the pleasure to be invited as a regular player to a game of Star Wars RPG by Franky (one of ChattyDM‘s buddies) and had the pleasure to be invited at their table during a « Geek Out Day ».

« Geek Out Day » came not too long about I learned about my mother’s condition and was a very welcome event – I absolutely loved the games I played (Chinatown got to be on my « to buy » list) and especially the company I was with. The movie was cool as well. Can’t thank you guys enough! 🙂

Since then, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some sort of « Geek Out Fridays » – I have a lot of friends who like board games and we all have lots of board games. Maybe that’ll be something to blog about 😛

My soon-to-be-wife, in a successful attempt to cheer me up, planned a surprise « geekout » last Friday and invited all of regular group of friends to play board games – of my choosing, none the less!

I had to let go of my planned evening of Dragon Age and instead had tremendous fun playing « Citadelles » and « Le Cercle ». Many thanks to my buddies and to my fiancée for the amazing evening!

I’ve also had a request directly from Simon – the boy for whom I DMed more than a year ago – for another session of DnD. He asked me if they would play the same characters and if they would get to level 2.

For this blog, it means : be ready to hear my thoughts about board games and some more Dungeon Master prepping (letting go of the training scenario I discussed earlier). All of this sporadically, of course 🙂