Tales of the City Within, Session 3: The Final Chapter

I had a chance to play with ChattyDM and his bunch of merry players a few weeks ago and really had a blast!

For the occasion, I rolled up Kellen, a level 10 bard which I tried to make into an actor instead of the usual musician.

I warmed up rather rapidly to Phil’s group and in no time I felt at home among fellow geeks.

I won’t bore you with the details of the events of the game itself – better bloggers have done it before me and Kellen tried to sing about it in his own cryptic way.

One of the things that marked me the most was how group composition impacts how the game plays. My and Phil’s group have roughly the same number of players, but we have wildly different compositions.

To my sense, his group is composed mostly of butt-kickers, tacticians and story-tellers – most players being a blend of these.

I could ask the shaman about how he actually perceives spirits and he could explain to me how he envisions all the workings of his magics in rather striking details.

While in combat, making our powers work together was a breeze – whenever my bard could do something to make a friend or a foe move on the board, I had suggestions from multiple players on how to make the best out of that move… making the bard an impressive cog in the butt-kicking team we were making.

Role-play wise, there wasn’t much to speak about. I came in geared in, ready to role play my awkward little gnome but did not find or generate much opportunities for it.

Of course, this was to be the last game of the season aimed to close a few loose ends – no time to chit-chat and plenty of monsters to vanquish.

All and all, it was a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t mind repeating if I ever get the chance 馃檪

After this night of adventures, I still had to get ready and run the game I was supposed to run a month ago with my own group – the game session was scheduled for the next day and I had a few cool scenes prepared that I thought could intrigue my own players.