Kellen on Tales of the City Within, Session 3: The Final Chapter

I was looking for a new way of relating the events of the final chapter of « Takes of the City Within » where ChattyDM gave me the opportunity to participate.

I decided to give voice to Kellen, the bard I played that night. This is what came out;

(Yes, Kellen has a fake Irish accent)

In my town there were undead men
Turned by a magic item antique
A resolution we started to seek
When a fiery dragon in our midsts came to be

This dragon from us exacted tribute
We nay did retort anything astute
And these heroes found a merry solution
That would surely entail resolution

Well you take the artefact
And chuck it to the dragon
And what we got, it is a fact
A fraggin’ undead dragon

I joined in their fight hoping to land a hand
They mystically carved soul – that I saw firsthand
Jaiel held its own all alone I don’t think this was planned
Helpers dispatched in time to see Frangs rip its prostate gland (the dragon’s)

We had a death priest ready for questioning
How to stop the artefact, I burned to ask him
I got near ready to coax and intimidate
And Fangs got around tore its throat and away with its head!

The rest of their plan would lead us to frying pan
To negotiate with many eyed tyran…..t
By dictating terms none of which uncertain
Perish or die, here are your options, let us strike a bargain!

On this fight we sadly must drop the curtain
To shield your eyes from violence most certain
In the end we beheld the tyrant’s retreat
Through his portal the artefact we dunked – how discrete!

While best laid plans might often fail
I’ve been taught otherwise by bold Jaiel
That one need not plan with much detail
And in the end with might one can still prevail