An interesting lunch with ChattyDM (did I post this too early?)

This is what you get after a mostly sleepless night, playing with the awesome Ghost Buster video game demo, having a rough morning getting the kids used to kindergarten and looking forward to a lunch with a friend.

This morning my kids woke me up earlier than usual. I helped my wife to get them ready and, since they don’t go to kindergarten on Friday, I went back to bed for an extra 30 minutes of sleep.

What resulted is an odd dream – too odd not to share.

So I was diving my car, going to meet ChattyDM for our scheduled lunch. Except this time, it was at his house. So I got there: a enormous mansion. Lots of people and servants working fervently. Looks like they’re preparing for Chatty’s daughter birthday party.

A skinny hispanic-looking man comes to greet me: « Hey! Mr Maze! », he says. At first, I don’t recognize him – but it gets obvious that this is ChattyDM, who obviously (and dramatically) changed his appearance. Chatty talks like a gangster from Godfather – the Italian accent and all.

So we talk business (biz-a-nesse) for a while… and about personal matters. The « impostor » knows everything I know about Chatty and knows about our previous chats and inside jokes.

Eventually, I just can’t contain myself: « who are you? », I ask.

– Well, I’m ChattyDM, of course.

– I know ChattyDM… I’ve met Phil a few times. You’re not Phil.

– I’m not Phil. I’m Chatty DM. We all are ChattyDM.

He pulls a conveniently placed curtain and reveals a bunch of guys sitting in front of computers, writing blog posts and constantly chatting about feats, skills and challenges.

– Uh?

– See, ChattyDM is a collaborative effort. We all pitch in. Sorry Phil couldn’t make it to the lunch. Will you stay for my daughter’s party?

So I stayed for the party, where hundreds of people purchased each tens of gifts. Somehow, a gift I bought for my boy got mixed in there. So I dove into the pile of gifts to retrieve it. Then the Hispanic ChattyDM tried to get away (?), so I ran after him. I had to fight countless illusions with my proton pack before being turned to goo and waking up as some sort of sentient slime thingy in a coffee cup.

Then I woke up.

I rarely remember my dreams… this is probably one of the strangest ones. I feel like I’ve been railroaded in that one.

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2 thoughts on “An interesting lunch with ChattyDM (did I post this too early?)

  1. I think it was creepier when I told you I had a dream about you at lunch, no?


    (In fact you’re not even in the dream… I think the ChattyDM in there is one of my clients)

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