Tiefling Referee

Tiefling Referee
This is an illustration I did to help ChattyDM pimp out his Dungeon Reality Show PDF.

Its been a while since I haven’t picked up pencil, paper, a scanner and my trusty Wacom.

Oh dear… I need to write enough text to last the full height of the picture, it would seem. Well, uh… as the title suggests, this is a Tiefling, acting as a referee for a game of Dungeon Ball.

The painted vertical stripes on the rugged leather armor seem to lengthen his upper body, giving the impression that even less anomalies can get past that dreadful stare. This is one referee that will not let one slip by. Oh no he won’t.

We can see him sporting a pair of Sensi-Paws, giving him an ever strong grip on the movements on the terrain.

Yes. That seems to be enough text to clear the pic! Yes!

Oh : click on the small picture for a bigger sized version!