Welcome to « Heavy Meta DM »

Hey welcome to the new look of my blog. The old name stank and while brainstorming with ChattyDM] – I was aiming for « Meta Dungeon Master’s Inn » and talking about my attempt at playing a « heavy metal bard », the name « Heavy Meta DM » came up.

If you don’t know me, all you need to know is that besides everything else, I enjoy being a Dungeons & Dragons ™ dungeon master… Meaning that I enjoy sharing time with buddies, inventing fantastic stories with them.

Being an analyst and an engineer, I love game mechanics – enough for me to often be thinking about the game while playing it, trying to understand how it works, how to make it better.

This is basically what we call « meta » in games : thinking about a game as a game.

I love role playing and as a DM, I love to try and make the game interesting for all my (greatly varied) buddies… Thinking « too much » about how to make this happen is when I get to be the « Heavy Meta DM ».

(And I sing much better than I play guitar)

So come on in! But mind the walls – the paint is still drying around here.



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