The mind of a sentient dungeon.

ChattyDM has been chatting a lot about sentient dungeons these last times and even started a campaign incorporating the concept.

While its not necessarily a new, original concept, I find it fascinating to wonder about.

One of my friends has been working very hard these last few months (or is it years, now?) to rekindle my flame with philosophy. It has started to bear fruits, as I dilly dally merrily, remembering the basis of Nietzsche, Sartre, Aristotle and all these bunch of fabulous, loony thinkers.

Being in such a mindset, I am actually rather puzzled about how a sentient dungeon would perceive reality.

Since running a blog is often a fundamental exercise in self-indulgence, I have decided to self-indulge.

I conceive of a dungeon as a collection of underground rooms and tunnels in which creatures live. The dungeon evolves through the actions of its dwellers.

I don’t propose an origin or an explanation, quite yet, as to how a dungeon becomes sentient. Let us just say that one day, it gains sentience.

Now, how would a living dungeon perceive itself.

My living dungeon would consider its dwellers as part of its body – not as sentient beings. In fact, at first, I would expect that the dungeon would not actually be aware of itself as a being – simply because there would be no need for it to develop that concept.

I would expect that a sentient being would develop a sense of self as it became aware of other sentient beings around it.