Kobold Keep Remix Finale Report, Part 1

Last Friday, we gathered with myself as DM for the second time – ready to tackle the last encounter of my « Kobold Keep » remix.

As it is customary, we start off by the DM asking the players to do a quick retell of what went on last session.

The players seemed to quickly agree that they managed to get through four encounters in a row… most of which I messed up at one point or another – as I was quick to point back then.

Through twitter, @ChattyDM mentioned : « @themaze75 You have to learn to shut up about your perceived DM inadequacy man! It’s becoming embarrassing! 🙂 »

True. I had already figured that out and I vowed not to do it again.

We we last left off, our players were considering camping right in the keep – right next to a secret door they were aware of, that potentially led to a kobold-infested resurrection-like ritual where they were trying to bring back a beast called « Drak » – potentially a dragon, for all they knew.

I had already decided I would allow them to get an extended rest undisturbed, provided they made sure they were somewhat safe. I fully expected them to go see behind secret door #1 and keep an eye on the ritual while they rested.

Well, turns out, they just decided to camp, right there, in the middle of the corpses of the kobolds they had just slaughtered.

I mentioned to the ranger that she could act as a scout, should she so desire and could… I don’t know… try to listen at the secret door.

Turns out I had *way* more influence that I ever thought… she listened at the door and heard some distant chanting.

Our resided fearless Shadar-Kai decided to open the door and just go see for himself without being stealthy or anything.

No body stopped him – in fact, the cleric just poked his head in the door and asked (loudly) « where are you going? ».

Now… I wasn’t planning on them going into my next planned encounter just yet – its supposed to be a hard one and I wanted to avoid a total party wipe.

Turns out, they had a bit of tunnel to go through before getting to the ritual room, which was behind a wooden door with a peeping hole – allowing safe, distant viewing.

What they saw was a ground of roughly 10 kobolds, busy on a complex ritual that seemed to want to revive the (smelly) corpse of a frankenstein-like amalgam of dragon parts.

Arkanys the Shadar-Kai (and not Arkanus, as I mistakenly called him) decided they sould not allow for such an aberration to be brought to life.

They formulated a quick plan, burst open the door.

« They’re all going to die », thought the DM…

(to be continued)…



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  1. Or in short… how to scrap the stuck at the door theory by giving your fellow player an heart attack rofl…

    Im happy to keep you on edge friend 😉

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