Scepter Tower of Spellgard Prequel Report – Area 1

I tackled this room twice before and did the same mistake twice and basically ruined the encounter.

See I redid the maps they gave for the first three room and shrunk them a bit to fit my print paper. Doing this, I deformed the rooms a bit and, not understanding how the encounter worked, I pretty much ruined it.

This and I didn’t understand the ambush.

See, the original scenario has a few kobolds hide in a storage room while a second kobold attracts the players towards them.

A third group of kobolds are hiding behind a wall and will try to surprise the players when they pass them.

What I understood is that the first kobold tries to attract the players in the storeroom…. and my messing up the room placed the other critters close enough for the players to see them arrive.

What happens is that the players move forward, attracted by the first kobold who goes to hide in the store room. You know, for the « trap ».

The players advance carefully and destroys the first small group.

They then advance towards the storage room, where the remaining few kobolds are trapped.

Kobolds never shift and never gang up on a target. No one tries to push a player in the sticky goo – I simply allow the kobolds to be picked up one by one.

Re-reading the script for the humpteenth time, I realized that the first kobold wants to attract the player in the big room – not the closet space.

Once the players are distracted (or surprised) by the kobolds actually hiding behind the wall, the other kobolds come running to trap the players and flank them.

So, my players basically destroyed the kobolds without breaking a sweat.

They tried interrogating a kobold – which I hadn’t planned for. And for all my talk about immersion and improv, I nearly choked on that. And told my players.

I had to come up with some answers and improved that the kobolds were capturing humans because « Drak » told them so. And told my players I just made that up.

(See where I’m going with that? I could’ve kept my mouth shut – I was doing okay!)

The kobold tried to barter for his life by offering a piece of parchment to the heroes. Arkanis (Steve’s SwordMage) ended the interrogation by running his sword through the paper… and the kobold’s head.

He took the bloodied paper from his sword and handed it to his in-game wife, Dali – a goth chick Wizard (who happens to be his real-life girl friend).

The paper talked about a magic dagger that can be summoned from a ring and help the wearer hide in shadows.

The group promptly moved to the second room.

Tomorrow: Area 2