Scepter Tower of Spellgard Prequel Report – Area 3

By this room, I was starting to get the hang of the kobolds. I was familiar enough with their particularities and the traps in the room. I felt I could give the players a proper challenge here.

This room is the skull-skull room. And I had something extra planned here.

A fiery rogue genasi the players met at an inn back at Albercott was in the goo pit, freeing a tied-up a watersoul genasi (his sister). The kobold were unaware of his presence and were occupied arguing the validity of the game’s score.

The rogue spotted the adventurers and motioned them to be quiet… which is exactly when the kobold took notice of them.

This time, all the kobold were on a 10 foot high platform and were equipped to take pot shots at the players below until they figured something out.

As soon as his initiative was up, the genasi rogue and his quarry fled the scene – the players made no attempt to stop them.

The combat went fairly well – the kobolds on the platform took turns swinging the skull-skull stone at the players. Arkanis plucked one down with his annoying jedi powers. Rolen had some awful bad luck with his bow and wasted his daily power, an action point and a few arrows in one single turn.

Dali also flash-froze a few kobolds. It wasn’t too long before the kobolds were handled. One of them was left alive and hiding behind the doors where the drakes were waiting.

The doors swung open and the drakes bull-rushed the closes players right in the pool of goo!

Glee! I always wanted to do this!

Of course, I waited too long before releasing the drakes (and told my players (!)) so they were chopped meat in no time. Arkanis used one of his wonderful jedi tricks (Dimensional thunder, dragon magazine 367) to basically teleport himself from the goo, right in the middle of the fray, blazing with electricity.

Room 3 was cleared. Some treasure found. I was ready to call it quits – we had already been playing for roughly 5 hours.

But a few players insisted that we moved onwards… and everyone agreed.

Tomorrow: Area 4