Prequelling Scepter Tower of Spellgard, part 2

Talking with some buddies – and realizing that I’m starting to stress myself out with that stuff for no good reasons – I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to start a bit simpler.

I like ideas, concepts and game design and I must absolutely be careful not to drown the game in them. And since I have never DMed for my group before – and haven’t DMed for adults in a while – I need to take things a bit slower.

I’ve decided to revamp the scenario I ran my group of kids through on their first game – which, itself, is a revamping of the scenario found at the end of the DMG.

I’ve made my players aware that I want to help them come up with compelling reasons to go see an Oracle – which would be one of the big rewards of the next adventure.

I told them I would ask them what they would ask the Oracle once they reach level 2 – by which point, we’ll probably be going for the Scepter Tower of Spellgard.

In the spirit of trying to prevent railroading, I have to say that maybe we’ll go for the Oracle and maybe we won’t. I might change the reward at the end of the tower… I might even remove the Oracle entirely. Anything can happen, really.

For now, I’ll start with this simple scenario, which I will spice up and tailor for my group.
Sharing narrative control will happen in this scenario in the form of not-so-subtly probing for PC’s motivations. These motivations will shape how I’ll tweak the tower later on (provided I don’t get the boot and revert to player before then :P).

I’ve taken a hint from one of the previously mentioned buddies, ChattyDM, and decided to relax, remind myself its a frienldy game between friends.

To which I add: I’ll try to choke the game by forcefully cramming in concepts (such as sharing narrative control …)

In the vein of one of the things what makes ChattyDM‘s game super cool, I’ll also try to find interactive and non-combat elements to add to the scenario.

If I come up with anything worthwhile, I’ll share it here 🙂