Prequelling Scepter Tower of Spellgard

I’m currently working on making Scepter tower of Spellgard mine and getting it ready to run my players through it.

One of the core issued I always find myself confronted with is actually motivating the players to actually go for the prize.

In case you didn’t know – no huge spoiler here – the prize at the end of Spellgard is to have a question answered by a rather accurate Oracle. The adventure suggests that you talk to your players at the beginning of the adventure to find what question they would ask, serving the dual purpose of motivating players and giving you time enough to come up with satisfying answers.

I find that it is hard for most players to have a good enough feel for their new character to actually have motivating questions to ask.

Since the module starts with players level 2, I figured I could come out with a small free-form adventure to bring them to level 2. A good opportunity to practice sharing narrative control, while we’re at it…

The prequel’s main goal would be to help develop the characters and find some rewards they would like to gain. Of course, a visit to your friendly undead neighborhood Oracle would put the players on the path to the reward.

Since I’m planning to go at it mostly free-form (random dungeon, prepared encounters), I need to build a list of potential rewards that can be suggested to players… including hooks into the tower adventure.

Rewards could be:

  • A powerful magic weapon
  • A powerful mystical spell or ritual
  • A holy artifact
  • A famous, hidden treasure
  • An answer to a family secret long forgotten
  • etc.

Introducing these element through NPC discussion or even through treasure can be an interesting way to gauge player reactions and plan further development.

I am also working on a team of competing NPC that will go for the Oracle for their own needs. Perhaps my players will hear of them through the initial scenario.

So, what do you think about these ideas? What other type of rewards do you think your players would go for? What other ideas do you have that could have them rushing to the nearest Oracle? Help me build up that list 🙂