Scepter Tower of Spellgard Prequel Report – Area 4

I hadn’t butchered the next map yet – I only had my set of dungeon tiles to build it… which also allowed my to hide unseen details from the players. They were quite happy with this hiding – as they were no longer tempted to plan using what they should not have seen…

This is another one that went very well. Except that we really were too tired to play through it properly. Players had a hard time concentrating and multiple discussions were forming… making it hard for me to concentrate as well.

I learned that saying « zombie breasts » grasps the attention of my whole group.

We managed to play through this pretty sweet room.

Two mistakes I made in this room:

  • The spiretop drake is not the same drake as before and can actually fly. Which I noticed after. (And told my players)
  • The drake does not actually fly, it hovers. (And I told my players)
  • The platform in the middle doesn’t shouldn’t have had a ceiling – now I have to figure out why there’s a room here. (And I’ve told my players).

Now the ceiling thing, I think I like better than the original scenario. It helped me hide the kobolds on the ceiling and make them pop up and glue people to the floor before the stone rolls on them.

Nevertheless, the group went through this fourth encounter. Much more challenging. A few players got bloodied. Dailies got used. Action points. Second winds. Standard actions were turned into move actions to run away from the rock. Marisol Rockhugger managed to jump over the boulder.

Now the players and the PCs are exhausted. We’re all pretty much satisfied with this long gaming session.

I ask for feedback and the main feedback is: stop apologizing. We don’t care about your mistakes – we don’t want to know about it. Keep it up, you’re doing great.

Ok. I think I ‘ll do that.

Oh, by the way, I said, the « bring back from the dead » ritual takes 8 hours to complete and you’ve been in the dungeon for roughly 1 hour. Do you guys think you have time for an extended rest?

« Oh », I though, « I wanted to give you guys a special potion at the end that restores as an extended rest! »

And I told my players.



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  1. About that 8h thing.. should have stated that it needed to be on a certain date, or a phase of the moon, or any other detail in addition to a _duration_.. there’s really nothing telling us if its has started.. if it has, it could easily be too late already, or it could still be a while..

    « It takes 8 and you have been in here for 1 » kinda implies (if you meta game a bit) that it started the minute we stepped into the place.. but I guess fantasy worlds ARE places where coincidences happen regularly 😉

    Maybe the kobolds could have mentionned something about the boss strongly wanting not to be bothered..

    Also length-wise, we’re standing now at 4 encounters in a row, which is already not bad at all.. We have no idea how long it’ll go on for.. Unless we houseroule a kamikaze muticlass feat, we’re bound to plan an extended rest before clearing the whole place 🙂 a 8h (story time) span for at least 5 encounters? yup we need a cheat somewhere..

    Maybe the genasi from earlier comes back after his sis is safe as we’re setting camp and has a trick up his sleeve.. ?

    Martin´s last blog post..Rendez-vous avec le neurologue

  2. From my char and Dali point of view… it even make sense to wait that the ritual is completed to send back the « thing » to the realm of the dead as an example of how death cant be cheated.

    SO… not even taking into account the fact that were screwed if any major encounter happen next…. i think were gonna rest.

    I agree with Martin here – 4 encounters straight is a first for our playgroup. Remember when i made you go thru that HT01 module i got back home ? You guys were creamed after 1 fight.

  3. @Martin :

    You definitely got a point here 🙂  I never mentionned a starting time and there’s no way to know if its even begun or if its done already.

    Maybe someone will discretely scout ahead to gather some info about that 🙂

    @Steve the Dark Spellblade :

    Teaching death-cheaters a lesson… that’s a nice concept 🙂

    Actually I didn’t think you guys would go through four in a row… I kind of expected that you would do 2 or 3 before being in need of a rest (which would have happened, had I not messed up the first two encounters :P).

    I originalyl planned to plant some info about the ritual starting after your rest… but I got thrown off… we’ll see where that leads, huh?


  4. To be fair – were using alot more squad tactics then you guys did back then. Im working hard to have Marisol’s paladin up to speed so we can be in full efficiency for next session.

    Speaking of which…. she might have a new… ahmmm proposition for her character. Compliment of little me -grin-

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