Playing a zombie character

Greywulf recently posted a template to modify any DnD monster into a zombie.

This idea is pretty cool – as it will add all the zombies I need for my campaigns.

It also reminded me that I’ve been wanting to build a class (or something) for players to actually play as a zombie.

I think its still too early for me to build rules for 4e, as I haven’t absorbed enough of the metagame yet.

But we can still discuss ideas 🙂

Having read the PHB for forgotten realms, I think the zombie class could be built somewhat like the SpelScrarred class – some sort of ‘multiclass’ thing.

At its base, the zombie class woud:

  • slow down players’ speed
  • cut down on most of the stats. zombies are not intelligent, dexterous, or charismatic. Though we could say that they are strong and resistant to damage. Or maybe they’re charismatic because they’re scary?
  • perhaps even prevent previous powers from being used.

It would also add powers.

Bite & Claw

Basic at-will attacks that might simply replace the previous classes attacks
NB: Biting doesn’t require hands.

Zombie Grab

As found in the monster’s manual – the zombie grabs its target to immobilize it.

Improved zombie grab – A Greywulf suggestion!

Improved zombie grab restrains the target (instead if just immobilizing it)


When the zombie player has grabbed a creature and has successfully damaged it through a bite, he can use a daily/encounter power to infect the creature.

If the creature dies while infected, it will raise on its next round as a zombie and fight on the PC’s team.

If a zombie feeds on the infected before it has a chance to raise, it will not raise.

Zombie healing

A zombie PC can feed on a deceased creature to heal itself.

Zombie Movement.

If the zombie player is not in the line of sight of any living creature, it can teleport up to a number of squares. The target square must not be in the line of sight of any living creature.

(Notice how zombies in movies always catch up to the living?)

Induce Stupid Movement

An attack to scare a creature forces it to make a less-than-stellar tactical movement.

For example: trying to escape a zombie infested building by climbing up the stairs.

Help me out

I need more cool/funny/silly zombie powers for the zombie class! Lets do this together!

**Edit** Added Improved Grab



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  1. I love the idea of Zombie as an actual /Class/!

    My first gut reaction was « no, it should be a Race », but I think you’re spot on – making it a Class means you can start with the base Race add the Zombie Class and get a Human Zombie, Dragonborn Zombie or whatever. And as they adventure, they become /more/ Zombie. I love it!

    Darn you. Now we’re going to have to work this through to the end, aren’t we? 😀

  2. Actually, I originally thought it should be a race as well… but its your template that made me realize that a class was more appropriate 🙂

    I’ll have to plow through my zombie movies and comics to try and come up with more undead-related powers.

    I’m resisting a choreographed zombie dance power… but maybe I shouldn’t try to avoid silly right off the bat…

    Ooh… and a dragonborn zombie that spits poison sounds kind of cool…

    Eric Maziade´s last blog post..Playing a zombie character

  3. This is cool!

    I would lower the charisma, but provide a bonus to intimidations and assorted checks (my mind is still in 3.x, I haven’t played 4e yet).

    The minion concept is also awesome, though I would limit the maximum number of zombie fools shuffling behind the player, or else they’ll get a horde of zombies.

    Also, depending on the level of consciousness you want to give the Zombie, they might be immune to, or have bonuses against morale-affecting powers. Also, they could have the immunities listed for zombies in the Monster Manual.

    Maybe the Zombie’s HP restoration should be limited to restoration through negative energy spells and consuming corpses. Makes for a good counterbalance for awesome powers. So no « natural healing » because of resting (and no need to rest anyways).

    Naturally, a Zombie does not breathe, which is quite an impressive power in its own right, if you plan on underwater adventures, or comparable things.

    Maybe you could make different « paragons » (I don’t know much about those yet) as a quick and agile zombie (I always love those), or slow and strong zombies, or decomposing spellcaster zombies, or fiendish zombies, or perhaps even vindicator-like good zombies…

    Nice concept!

  4. @Flying Dutchman :

    Oh, nice!  Haven’t thought on boosting abilities directly… I’ll have to check this out 🙂
    I didn’t think about the no need to breathe part!  That’s awesome… and brings forth immunity to poison and disease as well…
    Zombie paragon paths is something I haven’t thought of either…

  5. I like the idea towards paragon paths leading to the deference zombie arch types, heheheheh fast zombies.

    each one gets its own infect, changing the bitten creature into a minor arch type version, it’s coming form the same strand after all…

    Heheheheh, very much looking forward to that.

    Also, look into zombie only feats, to maybe use that to create the archtypes.

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