I want to play a genasi jedi knight!

While I recuperate from recent day’s events (birth of a baby daughter), allow me to write a short post for my faithful reader(s)…

While resting somewhat comfortably at the hospital and being part of the support cast for my wife and daughter, I spent plenty of times peering through my DnD manuals, listening to RPGBloggers’ GenCon Panel and thinking about Internet marketing strategies.

I cracked open my 4th ed Forgotten Realms player’s handbook for the first time and skimmed through the new races and classes…

I was flabbergasted and overcome with glee when I saw the new Jedi class.

Okay, so they misspelled it and wrote « Swordmage » instead – but let this typo not fool you: this is the class to play to be a Jedi.

Extra coolness seems to abound if you also are of the elemental-related Genasi race.

So you are a melee fighter (which I really love in 4e – I never ever wanted to play melee classes in ADnD). And this fighter uses a sword… but… check this out:

  • You can use spells to add lightning to your sword (lightsaber!)
  • You can use skills to have a shield to deflect attacks (FORCE shield)
  • You can call your sword back to your hand from 50 feet away (THE FORCE! Man, the FORCE!!)

If that ain’t a darn Jedi, I don’t know what a Jedi is!

‘Nuff said, I’ll want to roll a Genasi Jedi Knight soon – even if its just an NPC.



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  1. It’s hard not to think of the swordmage as Jedi Knights. When they finally bring out Star Wars 4e (the release of Clone Wars virtually guarantees this happening), the swordmage will be a straight drop-in. Betchya.

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