Stories of yore…

With all the topics lately in the DnD blogosphere, I’m often being sent back to my memories of when I used play almost every week and DM regularly.

Let us plunge together you and I, my reader, in the cornucopia of memories that lie in wait in the bottom o’ my noggin’…

First time I remember playing DnD…

I played quite a few times at high school. I liked it, but I don’t have much memories of the stories we ran.

I remember friends and some of their characters – notably a (very) dumb warrior and his pet boar who charged brainlessly at darkness and who’s first reaction when entering a room with a bloodied table was to… lick the blood. (yuck!).

Fun (odd) times.

Fondest memories

My fondest DnD memories were playing back in college. Back then (prepare your brain for geekness), I was one of the directing members of the school’s science club. So we had a pretty cool room that we could use pretty much anywhen we liked.

I remember staying very late at school in there with my buddies, door closed trying not to make too much noise not to get caught by the janitor. Chips and beers.

Back then, we were tag-team DMing. Every session, the DM changed. We were running a huge campaign and we liked to mess up the previous DM’s plot a bit (not too much) just to see how he’d pick things up on his next turn. The group shifted between 4 to 6 players. 3 of em DMs.

We built worlds, classes, spells. We weaved incredible stories. Raised an army to storm a stone castle (which became our home) overrun by regenerative trolls. Plucked weird ingredients from all over the world to cure the lycanthropic son of a paladin. Witnessed the rise of our party’s first benefactor to ascension and godhood.

We ran this campaign for about 2 years. Then, some players graduated. We actually closed the story at a local pub, over beers, deciding how the dangling threads were getting closed.

These are the memories I want to remember and talk about in future posts.

Current memories

Once this group disbanded, I stopped playing for roughly 5 years, until I hooked up with by current DM and good buddy Steve. My roommate met this guy playing Everquest and eventually noticed that we lived in the same city.

We eventually met and learned that he was a DnD aficionado. My roommate never really played and I started remembering my fond memories of the past.

We started playing with Steve as the DM. Great times. Not quite as epic as my oldest memories were to me. He has a very different DMing style than what I was used to.

For one, he knows his Forgotten Realms lore. This was fascinating to me. Back then, we made up everything on the spot.
He has some pretty neat stories which didn’t feel improvised. Improv was the cornerstone of our DMing technique.
Magic items were everywhere! Back then, I think Moira (my character back then) got a bag of holding as a sole magic item during her whole career!
We raised levels rapidly. My old DMing flavor had us gain roughly 8 levels in roughly 2 years of semi-weekly gaming. (!)
We rebooted the storyline and characters rather often. At first I disliked that. But it allowed me to explore various characters and personalities (other than the Moira, the berzerking amazon warrior priestess)

I’m still playing with Steve as DM. We’re trying to make this a monthly thing (if the players, myself included, can stop having babies every year).

We’re also considering having Steve as a player. DMing has always been ‘his thing’ and I never wanted to step on that – lord knows that I already have too many occupations. But he opened the doors recently and I’m getting hooked on the idea.

We’ll see where this goes…

Stay tuned as I try to open the floodgates of memories wider and reminisce of the world of ‘Martor’ and the tales of Moira, the amazon warrior priestess.