Light Character Sheets (training wheels for kids)

Testing my encounter alone, shuffling around with six full character sheets proved to be an arduous task – most of the fight’s length was due to my trying to organize more paper than can fit one table side…

I figured that, for the second game, my party could graduate to ‘light’ character sheets.

I don’t want to submerge them in rules, but they’ve proven they can handle more than I originally expected.

My goal is to give them numbers that they can use right off the bat – no need to do maths. If they look for the initiative bonus, I want them to see the number ‘5’ – no need for « dex + 1/2 level + misc » – I’ve done that already.

Applying the same idea to the core stats they can use and removing all other information, I figured I could cram a condensed character sheet to about a third of a page and still make it so moving to the full, standard, character sheet will feel natural later on.

What I elected to keep is:

  • Character and Player name – because we need to know who the sheet is for!
  • Level, Total XP, Max HP, Current HP – level & xp are cool things to see it’s the progress meter as well as the ‘version number’ of the character.
  • Initiative bonus, ability scores and mod – I keep the score because, on the first game, they really enjoyed looking at the scores and compare themselves to one another
  • Defense scores
  • Skill bonuses
  • Attack/power workspace

Turns out I can really place three such light char sheets on a single page. I even have some room to spare.

I haven’t tested them and the second game is still weeks to come (I’m getting a second baby first).

Still, I’d love for you to take a look at it and let me know what you think: charsheet-light-page.pdf