Preparing for the second adventure for my group of kids.

I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to play DnD with the kids again, but I sure am thinking about it.

Since I cut short on Kobold Keep on the first session, I think I should have them go back and finish the job.

I do have a storyline idea for the followup, but I do have a few things I’d like to do.

First, I’d like to bring in a few more elements. I’ve been light handed with the rules – allowing them a peek at more and letting their imagination go wild with interpretation.

There are many things I can add:

  • more powers (1 extra encounter power or one daily power)
  • open up the skills
  • more combat rules

From what I have seen last game, I don’t think they’re ready for more powers – they barely used the few ones they already had, always opting for the ‘shoot’ or ‘hit’ technique.

Showing them the list of skills is not something that I feel is necessary – they can already tell me what they want to do and I can translate that into skills myself.

More combat rules sounds good – I know a few of the kids are much into board games and they really impressed me with their strategy-based decisions on the first game.

But I don’t want to teach them through a lengthy exposé.

What I am planning is to have them be trained by the captain of the guard from the village. I could ellipse the training session and send them into combat while on patrol.

Now, I could set up the combat and have their teacher « remind » them of their past lessons.

I would like to teach them things like:

  • flanking
  • cover
  • using the environment

The ‘using the environment’ part is the one that could open their minds to traps, bull rushing opponents, etc.

I could have them bull rush an opponent to have him trip and fall on a log, for example.

I could much more (sneak attacks, being prone, etc.) but I don’t want this combat to drag on and I don’t want to bore them with rules.

But I think this could make for an exciting part of the session and prepare them for the traps and sneaky Kobold tactics that is awaiting them at the Kobold Keep…