Dungeon Master Appreciation Day

Is there such a thing? I Googled it and didn’t find much.

Closest thing I found was this thread saying that ENWorld put it on March 4th.

Interestingly (or sadly, or ironically – you get to choose your favorite adverb), it coincides with the passing of Gary Gygax

NB: The date’s proposition predates the passing of Mr. Gygax by 6 years!

I think its fitting, no?

But there’s no need to wait for March 4th to show your master of dungeons some appreciation!

Show him some appreciation by giving him some proper constructive criticism.

Tell him what you like about his games – what’s keeping you coming for more at his table!

Shout out to Biz-Daddy Funk Master Steve (I decided a few weeks ago that every DM must have a DJ name – subject of a later post).

  • Love your creativity – you created some very cool storylines over the years and catered to all of your player’s taste. Word!
  • Love your knowledge of lore – you’ve shown me Forgotten Realms and you seem to know just about there is to know about it. Your knowledge impresses me. Word.
  • Love your commitment and apadtedness (that’s not a real word – adapt to it). You were a much more serious gamer when we started playing. You learned to relax and we learned to (sometimes) goof around less while playing. And we’ve been at it for years. Word!
  • Didn’t we meet you because you were someone my roommate met in EQ back in the days? Word!

I think I’d make a piss-poor pasty white-faced chubby rapper.

Bling bling, y’all. (whateff?)