Writing adventure logs.

I felt like writing an adventure log from the perspective of my character (Quendy) for a long time…

That’s what my quarter baked post from yesterday was all about.

You can guess by now that I feel lukewarm about it.

Edit. After re-reading it and a few minor tweaks, I think its better than I originally thought… good for me 🙂



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  1. Writing logs from the PC’s point of view surely helps me their characters.

    Its an exercise I used to do back when I wanted to write a novel – I had the plot of my story, but I wrote a series of short stories with the various characters just to help me flesh them out. Very simple stories: monologues, dialogues, outings at restaurants, every day situations.

    Just about the only thing I ever wrote for that novel 😛

    Eric Maziade´s last blog post..Writing adventure logs.

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