From Bard to Warlock.

Quendy Mindstrong was a man of little convictions.

Born and raised in the little village of <insert name here>, his father has decided that his latest son will be the one honoring the family and join the priesthood of <insert god name here>.

Using a non-negligible portion of the family’s financial resources, Quendy was sent to <insert name of nearest large town here> to study the Word of <insert god name here>, and perhaps become a cleric or a priest.

However, Quendy was much more interested in chasing women and wooing them with song than following the rigorous training and mental precepts that he was « destined » to follow.

It didn’t take long before Quendy fell from his instructors’ grace and was sent packing, back home, with a swift kick in the rear-end.

Of course, the generous donation to <insert church name here> from Quendy’s family was not returned. Quendy’s return home was not one that was appreciated by his fatherly figure. Quendy not helping on the field and spending his time and money at the pub, signing and drinking didn’t help much either.

Quendy was determined to leave his little town and travel forth – meet adventurous friends and write poems and songs about their heroic deeds.