DM for kids in 4.0, part 2

For the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing to run a game session.

An introduction to DnD for a few 10 year old kids.

I haven’t been DM in about 12 years and – obviously – never using 4.0… which I’ve only played once.

Armed with a basic knowledge of the rules, I roamed on the Internet to find information and wisdom about DMing for kids

The kids-rpg Yahoo group has been a great source of information.

I’ve learned what I should be expecting about attention span from the youngsters and what frustrations they normally encounter.

It caused me to streamline what rules I wanted to present to the children, the duration of the scenario as well as the ‘mulligan token‘ mechanism.

A new source of inspiration is the Chatty DM. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a few great tips from the Chatty DM himself.

He suggested that I keep the rules explaining to a minimum.

Which basically means: « The d20 dice determines if something works or not. The bigger the number you roll, the better ».

He suggested that I streamline the powers – less choices, less confusion.

Basically: only one « at-will » power and one « encounter » power.

But the golden rule he gave me is probably the one that has the best chance of ending up pleasing the kids: let them control the story.

If you hear them speculate, give them what they are expecting. « If they say ‘I bet you there’s a Kobold behind that door’ – put a Kobold behind the door ».

Rings true to my ears.

With these pearls of wisdom, I only need to chop my scenario down to one room and update the power sheets I prepared for their « kid friendly » version.

Hopefully they’ll like their first RPG experience…