‘Mulligan Tokens’

I have been pointed to an article by Wil Wheaton by the fine guys over at the ‘RPG Kids’ group.

Wil talks about a rule he uses when playing games with his chiildren that allow re-rolling dice.

Basically, he gives them three ‘mulligan tokens’, which allows them to reroll a roll they didn’t like.

I love this concept!

It removes a lot of frustration from multiple bad rolls (we feel it too – some of us just handle it better).
The child is empowered – he decides when to reroll.
There are still consequences and strategy – the number of rerolls is limited, the child needs to choose what to reroll wisely.

I’ll be incorporating this mechanism in my introduction scenario – I’ll be giving every player three magic stones of luck (haven’t looked for a better name yet), that they’ll be able to use to reroll rolls they don’t like.

Only small setback is that some of the character’s powers already work that way (I’m thinking about ‘elven accuracy’, for instance – supposing I remember the name right).

I figure that the gains far outweigh the losses here – the elf’s power ends up being a bit less special, but the possible nipping in the bud of dealing with reactions multiple fumbles seems like its worth it.