Updates to DnD 4e Player Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and Monster Manual

I’ve been hit by a bit of news from a friend that first scared me: updates to the DnD 4th Edition core set of books.

It immediately brought back memory of the painful « 3.5 » edition books that came up not so long after I had purchased my « 3.0 » books.

I took a quick look at the changes in the Player’s Handbook (I don’t own / am not familiar with the others) and found that there were all simple changes, and fixes. In fact, I took note of them on post-it notes which I spread all around my 4th ed PHB.

Not much to report on the changes; they all are details about rules, adjustments in wording – even an omission as to which attack vs defense stats to use with a power. None of these changes would warrant a « 4.5 » edition book – though they could (and should) be fixed in ulterior prints. Who knows, maybe they will print a 4.5 edition with these changes. But so far, there wouldn’t be any need to purchase them if you have the ones that are out now 🙂

You can fin the changes in here:



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  1. If past history is any indication, there won’t be updated reprints.. the 3.5 erratas were really getting HUUUUUGE (well especially since they cover all books of the edition…)

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