Useful DnD links

I’ve been looking for some DnD material on the Web. There’s not much out for 4.0 yet, but there’s a lot of nice little communities and open source tools.

Here’s a few that I find are really worth it:


A nice tabletop software that allows you to share maps with remote players. I have hope that this – in combination with online chat software – will allow our group to playtest 4.0 a bit before we actually switch.

Geeked On Dungeons and Dragons

A forum that I would like to adopt that likes to speak about miniatures and DnD. They’re talking more about the miniature game than DnD and – as most veterans of an older version – don’t seem to welcoming of 4.0. They’ve been welcoming to me at least 🙂

Massawyrm Has Played Dungeons And Dragons 4th Edition!!

A nice article about the joys of 4.0 (along with Part 2 and Part3)
This article pretty much says what I feel that playing 4.0 will be like. A nice read for DMs and players alike.

Players Pre-4th Edition Handbook

Nice informative information on 4th editing if you’re planning on moving up. It was pre-release info so I’m not sure that everything is exactly as in the rule books but nice nonetheless.

Of course, you can grab whatever DnD related link I think are worth checking out from my account here: