Civilization IV

Out with WoW3. Out with GW.

In with Civ4.

If you’ve never hear of the Civilization games, Wikipedia will give a better overview than I care to type at this point.

Let it be said that I own the game. That it sucked me in. That, in order to keep my life functionnal, I need to set a timer and flex the muscles of my will to tear my brains out of its intricacies.

I’m a neophite to the world of Civ games (I played Alpha Centauri a while back).

For now, let it be said that I have waged war with what I’d describe as an American McGee version of Mahatma Ghandi – a twisted ruler practicing slavery and despotism. I crushed his empire under the smooth fist of my own civilzation’s culture and multi-teologic influence.

There are many ways of winning in Civ4. The one that has my attention, for now, is winning through culture. And what I intend to study is how to use Civ4’s version religion to influence culture.

More will most likely follow in the days to come.



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