Gamer’s manifesto

You might’ve come across this super cool article from David Wong.

It’s worth reading, if you’re into games, speculations about the industry and ever ranted about aspects of modern gaming.

From what I hear, the article made quite some noise. Some angry noise.

Well, what’ll you do? The guy is right! I might not agree with everthing in there… but the proper nails seemed to have been properly hammered in there and the general conclusion from the article is something I quite agree with.

« More polyons does not a better game make. »

Now I can hear Yoda saying it in my head, which makes its intrinsic truth shine even more.

Another way could be

« Processing power leads to more polygons

More polygons lead to more visual realism

More visual realism leads to… uh… well… « 

How can you conclude that it leads to a better game? I don’t know. I guess its something you take on faith or, for the more rationnally inclined, consider to be bullshit.

You be the judge.